by Kelley Karas

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Constructed over the course of 2015 in Indio, CA and Las Vegas. NV. Kelley provided the songs, guitar and vocals - Richard provided everything else.


released December 1, 2015

Music and Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals: Kelley Karas
Drums, Bass, Theremin, Xylophone, Additional Guitar on 'Around the Bend': Richard Polk
Recorded by Kelley Karas and Richard Polk
Mixed and Mastered by Richard Polk



all rights reserved


Kelley Karas Palm Springs, California

She came, she saw, she conquered it all. Kelley is a guitar playing singer song-writer who resides in Southern California/Nevada.

Current and former bands include: The Negative Nancys, Asterionella and Robot Nixon

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Track Name: Venice Vidi Vici
You came
You saw
you conquered it all
I watched
in fear
as you made your assault

There is no mercy in you heart
your eyes like knives
straight into mine
I know that this is the last time
we'll meet
before your tear me apart

You're vain
with one thing on your mind
You'll have what you'll have
and I'll never get it back in kind
Track Name: Old News
don't imply it's a favor
don't say it like you care

don't play it like you want to
I know it's not the truth
It's not fair

No not another word
from you...
Psychological abuse
you don't want me
you don't want me
but you keep
You keep on taunting
tossed aside just like old news

Don't act appalled by the suggestion
It really
is not that far off

the energy from bad intentions expelled is such a waste

If I were you
and in your shoes
I'd recognize
that I can't lose
Track Name: Notice!
I want you to know
I want you to know
I want you to notice me

Took a picture on my own
on my phone
Of me alone
Tell me are you lonely
Could you fill
the frame
would you feel the same
Want to be my one and only?

are you distracted
am I over reacting?
perfecting all this practice
in the art of attraction
Track Name: I Always Win
Got eyes on the prize
like EVerybody else
When the victor's annouced
I'll keep it to myself
Cause it's mine
it's mine
Put that in your mind
go and find yourself an alternative

Control your temper
Show me some effort

Tantalized by the prize
That's sitting on the shelf
I'm gonna win
whatever sin
I commit I'm keeping to myself
Cause it's mine
it's mine
Put that in your mind
go and find yourself an alternative

It's Go time
with no excuse
Victory is yours
Let them lose
grace is misplaced
in this case
let them taste
bitter defeat and
purr misery
Track Name: Malady
I want you the most
out of everyone I know
Everybody needs to fall in love
in the pathology of hooking up

Make me suffer if you please
I can handle love's disease
You're the contagion
I ain't craving a remedy
Track Name: Perfect Torture
Phone in the crisis
Get the doctor on the line
You swear you're feeling well
but my dear, you don't like fine
I can tell by the way the water is glassing up your eyes
You didn't expect this
at least not tonight

Nothing ever goes as planned
everyday is a struggle just to find out you can't
keep going on
in the way you hoped
all you can do is learn to cope

You weren't invited back
a second time
after everything was well
and you thought the stars aligned
with the moon and the heavens
into correct order
now you see that it was the
perfect torture
you were set up to endure

Maybe if you wish and hope and pray
tomorrow will be better than today
maybe if you wish and hope and pray
you'll die.
Track Name: You'll Never Get to Sleep
I will not be
distasteful in any way
I will exercise/ apply full self control

I will not be
my feelings
will be shared
As long as we pretend we're adults.

Don't wait up for me
you'll never get to sleep
My word is good
if it's understood
I cannot tell the truth
it's your call what you choose to believe.
Track Name: Luna Vista
The sunlight
hits your eyes
because you must
to the daytime
though you prefer
to spend your life
in darkness

If you could you would
turn the world
use The stars as guideposts
to lead you around
Everything looks better
when it's shielded by the night
inthe blackness a dying spark shines really bright

Giving you hope

Draw the curtains closed
and block unwanted rays
from taking space on the carpet to your window pane
Color an afterthought
it's mute, and for you enough
you'll settle
for a modicum
of stability

If the poles were reversed
Maybe you would be kind
Maybe you wouldn't feel so cursed
and shy away from everything

The sunlight
hits your eyes
Wekcome to real fucking life
Track Name: Resolute
It's a new year
and we've got our mission
try our best to stick to them and make better bad decisions

Revise, rewrite
for a moment for all time
don't assume you'll get it right
write/craft a post and publicize (and we're doing it online)

It's a new year
We practice our traditions
We can't seem to get away from those same damn bad decisions

nothing ever changes
The calendar says to restart
we'll pretend everything's new again
until the same old shit rips it apart
Track Name: Kiss and Tell
an I be..
your one and only
I need more than a maybe
so sway

Kiss and tell
you might as well
Shout it to the world
I don't mind
Being defined
by the fact
that I'm your girl

Will you stick around forever
and after
and warm my heart
with the sound of your laughter
Light my eyes with the curves of your smile
will you hang out with me, a while?

Even when it seems like dreams
I'm screaming with joy
I can't believe you're here with me
and proud to be my boy..
Track Name: Around the Bend
Send my heart out to the world
waiting for it's return
A fire trail follows
I watch the oceans burn

it's gottabe
There's nothing real left for me here
set the sails, disappear

Reaching to the standard
of everything that matters
I can only hope to be
half as good as what you see

seeking to inspire
and focus my desires
Persistence pays off in the end
Iknow it's just around the bend

wear my faith out on my sleeve
Convinced that I must believe
that something good will happen
Some form of karmic magic